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My company which contract projects for Ferroli water heater tank enamel line and outer casing of powder spraying line project went into operation successfully.
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After two months of manufacturing equipment in the plant and three months of installation and debugging on the site, equipments of whole of the project went into operation on September 20, 2012.

The production line can produce tank and outer casing size which bigger than 500L, max size of tank is Φ750×H2000mm, inner size of enamel furnace is W1.71M×H2.85M, gas radiant tube heating enamel furnace with top highest in China.
The full set of enamel line has refer to many overseas company’s experience on  high-capacity water heater’s enamel line, after Mr. zhu visited BOSH company and we draw our inspiration for the design Ferroli enamel line. Radiant tubes and radiant heating burner (nozzle) were import from Europea and America. Waster heat of radiant tube is using for wet enamel drying.
Furnace temperature from ambient temperature to 850℃, the temperature rise time is not exceeds 60min, differential temperature of furnace not exceeding 4℃ (except exit and entrance of furnace mouth).
Due to radiant tube imported from Italy with expensive price, long period for import, inconvenience of after-sale service and service charges is higher than domestic contractor. (Our company has contracted project for enamel furnace overhauling of Midea Oven Company). After Ferroli Italian experts visited TIMS several times and communication with Shenzhen TIMS engineers, our company got this project which high-capacity enamel furnace tank production line. Many counterparts skepticism never made us to stops and the result also provides we are having abilities to finish this project completely. And, all of running data in the reasonable range, so, this result to satisfied the demand of Ferroli. Good appearance of the equipment with high efficiency, low energy consumption.
Images from Scene:
Automatic spraying and pretreatment of outer casing
automatic static electricity powder spraying of outer casing
Powder Curing of outer casing
Tank Pickling
 Dewatering and Drying of Tank
 Automatic wet enamel coating of Tank
Wet Enamel Drying of Tank
 Wet Enamel Firing and entries into the Furnace
 Wet Enamel Firing State in the Furnace
 Tank Wet Enamel Firing Finished State
 Temperature Data and Curve of Enamel Tank Firing Furnace
 The Firing Furnace firing line appearance of Enamel Tank
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