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Our company has signed a contract with Hebei Yuhong Enamel Company about gas enamel furnace project
Time:2012/11/20  |  Hits:6561 
Our company has contracted with Hebei Yuhong Enamel Company about gas enamel furnace project on November 1, 2012.
Hebei Yuhong Enamel Company was located in zaoqiang country town, hengshui city, Hebei. This is the first manufacturing company for enamel heat exchanger. Industrial enamel started from 1988, it have had supplied equipments both domestic and international companies, especially the equipments using for thermal power plant (like as regenerative air preheater and enamel heat transfer components). A power plant place , there is Yu Hong enamel!
Yuhong company has 3sets of enamel electric furnaces now. In order to cope with the growing market demand and trend of domestic electricity limited using, they are decide to purchase a set of gas enamel furnace. The size of gas enamel furnace is 1200mm1200mm and produce desulfuration plant 3.6million each year, gas enamel furnace capacity is equal to two sets of electric furnaces. It is improve the capacity and reducing use electricity after the gas enamel furnace go into operation.
The key components of the gas enamel furnace from Europe and US, it is estimated that the furnace will go into operation on March, 2013.
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