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Our Company Successfully Won the Bid for Midea Large Oven Dry Enameling Automatic Spraying Line Engineering
Time:2013/3/30  |  Hits:6987 

In early 2013, our company won the bid for Midea large oven dry enameling automatic spraying line engineering.

Large ovens have more accessories and accessory grooves, and now embedded whole box market capacity is also on the rise.

Midea exists an imported large oven enameling line, and manual filling load for dry enameling automatic spraying is very huge which is not good for quality stability and prodcution capacity rising and does not conform to its target of Less People and High Capacity of Midea Company this year. Our company gets the help from Jinma Company's experience of large oven automatic spraying abroad and matches with Jinma Company's automatic spraying system. Through the combinations of gun layout way and spraying way of multi-gun small flow, tracking automatic spraying, fixed gun spraying etc., we achieve a design philosophy of automation without manual filling. Meanwhile, it is compatible with microwave enamel of automatic spraying function, which won the nod of Midea large oven experts and we are honored to win the bid.

The implementation of this set of production line is in full swing and it is expected to put into operation in the end of July.

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